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Gels come in many variations from low viscosity for base gels and top gels to high viscosity to sculpt long artificial
There can be many differences between uv and led gels but the big difference is in the photoinitiator. Lechat SA
offers professional gel lines in uv curing, led curing as well as the advantage of certain gels in both.

Hard Gel versus Soft Gel

Hard Gel

• can be removed only by filing
• can be used for longer nail enhancement
• lasts longer without chipping
• can be used for sculpting elaborate nail art
• applies in thin layers or one thick building layer
• takes longer to cure

Soft Gel

• more flexible
• removable by soaking
• applies in multiple layers
• can cure faster in led light

Base Gels

These gels are developed to put a base between the natural nail and the artificial nail to promote adhesion and to
smooth the nail plate.

Builder / Sculpting gels

Builder gels offer simple to subtle sculpting capabilities. These self-levelling gels are easy to apply and can be
used by technicians of all levels. The more viscose gel can create long, strong nails for more advanced

White Gels

White gels are developed for the perfect French manicure and come in many varieties, from subtle white to a
snow white and in different viscosities.

Cover Gels

The cover gel were designed to create the perfect natural looking nails with gel. All cover colours closely match
the colour of the nail bed. This gel can be used to extend the nail bed or hide imperfections.

Colour Gel

Colour Gels are our top gels made to give nails a glamorous look.

Gelite GelPolish™ is a true UV and led cured gel polish system.
This self-levelling gel polish has excellent adhesion, low odour, is toxic free and cures quickly.
The extended wear benefits can be seen on both natural nail manicures and artificial enhancements.
(14+ Days wear to traditional gel polish systems

Lamps And Drills

KUPA's Original MANIPro Original Electric Nail File combines power and affordability in an economically sized 3" x 5" control box. It continues to be one of the strongest, fastest, and most durable electric files available to the nail industry and features a lightweight friction grip-chuck handpiece, a built-in handpiece cradle, a strain relief cord, an illuminated power indicator, forward/reverse modes, and variable speeds from 4,500 to 15,000 RPM. MANIPro Original Handpiece, Power Supply, Variable Speed Control Box, 1-Sanding Band Mandrel, 10-Sanding Bands. One year Limited parts and labor Warranty Included with your Kupa E-file!


Preps & Primers

Solvents used for nail dehydration and primer before all acrylic and gel systems.


These products are used to increase the cure speed of glue, resin and fiberglass systems.

Artificial Nail

Air Dry Glass Kote / Brilliant Shine  is a fast drying, non-yellowing air dry topcoat that dies to a high shine.
Mega Gloss is a thick, non-yellowing, soak-off, non-cleansing, high-shine topcoat that prevents polish from chipping or peeling and cures under UV or LED.
Matte Top Coat is a non-yellowing, soak-off, cleansing top coat that cures under UV or LED. Matte Top Coat transforms any glossy nail colour into a modern matte finish.
Perfect Finish Sealer is a fast drying, high shine, solvent resistant topcoat that minimizes discoloration due to UV exposure and dries to a high shine in 60 seconds under UV light.

Natural Nail

Natural Nail Strengthener revives and rejuvenates to create strong, natural nails. This Titanium coat is a perfect all-in-one coating that can be used as a base or topcoat to make natural nails resistant to breaks and splits.

Wiping Solutions & Removers

Solutions to remove tacky residue from UV cured gel systems. Acetone and non-acetone removers for acrylics, Gels, nail tips, glues, wraps, and polishes without damaging the natural nails.

Cuticle Oil

Conditioning treatment used to moisturize dry, damaged cuticles and promote strong, flexible nails.


Dare Acrylic Sculpting Brush. Handcrafted from the finest Kolinsky hair. Our #8 Sculpting Brush is a precision instrument designed for the discerning Nail Tech. When only the finest will do!

How to Care for Nail Brushes

Don’t underestimate the power of nail brushes. They might sometimes be considered an afterthought, but these tools play a big role in a nail tech’s job. Whether you’re applying acrylics, hard gel, or nail art, you need to know the appropriate brushes to use and how to care for them correctly.

Preparing your brushes:

When nail art brushes are manufactured, the bristles are dipped in starch to bring them to a point before packaging. To prepare a new brush for use, remove the brush from the container and remove the plastic covering that’s placed over the hair to protect it in shipment (don’t ever try to insert the bristle end back into the plastic covering; it will not fit correctly and you’ll ruin the bristles). Place the head of the brush between your fingers and break the starch loose from the hair and the brush head out by gently rolling it between your fingers. Pour a small amount of Dare Liquid monomer or 90 percent alcohol into a glass dappen dish, and place the brush into the liquid, allowing the hair to absorb as much as possible. Wipe the head of the brush on a clean, lint-free towel, and repeat several times to remove all of the starch. Finally, wipe the bristles down on the towel in a circular motion, rotating clockwise to bring the brush back to a fine point. Do this for each one of the brushes. Your brushes are now seasoned properly and ready to use.

TIP: Avoid skin contact with the bristles whenever possible. Oils from the body can deteriorate the bristles over time.

Cleaning and storing your brushes

The most important thing you can do for your brushes is to keep them clean and remove any remaining product. If product is not removed the bristles will begin to flair, rendering the brush virtually useless. Clean your brushes with monomer, brush cleanser, or gel-cleanser after each use, then store them flat, covered, and away from direct sunlight and UV light so any gel on the bristles will not harden. Be sure also to keep your brushes stored away from dust and other contaminants. Try storing them on a table towel in a closed drawer.

Replacing your brushes

When do you need to replace a brush? When you start noticing the bristles beginning to flair out, then it’s time to invest in a new brush. Stray hairs leave grooves in the acrylic when you are sculpting, and you will have to do more filing to remove them. You’ll want to replace brushes when they start getting too soft or flexible. Times vary according to quality and usage, but brushes will usually last between six months and a year.

TIP: To ready your brushes for travel, you can top coat the bristles with regular clear polish and allow them to harden again. This will keep the bristles in place. When you are ready to use the brushes, dip the bristles first in acetone, then alcohol, and wipe a few times on your table towel.

Gel Brush

Our Dare Gel Brush is designed to help you sculpt the perfect extensions and offer full coverage overlays. The gel brush features a stainless steel ferrule and an ultra-fine taklon-hair tip that allows for precise gel handling.

Nail Enhancements


Our monomers and formulations are optimized to work with our polymer systems.


Formulated by expert polymer chemists, our bubble-free polymers offer extraordinary clarity unmatched by any other
products in the market.
Our powders are available in a wide range of settings for optimal control in warm or cold climates.

Coloured Polymer

Our highly-pigmented polymers are available in 40 rich colours.
These polymers are strong, durable and provide long-lasting colour for various colour application needs
Nail Files
Nail files are available in zebra, black, white, fancy (curved, banana, straight and teardrop):
Various grits:

• 80/80
• 100/180
• 150/150
• 220/220


Poofume is a TOILET BOWL DE-ODORIZER and NOT an airfreshner!!!!


Is Poofume safe for my toilet, septic tank and plumbing system?


Yes, Poofume is made of essential oils and other natural compounds and is no worse for your waste water system
than natural shampoos and conditioners. Poofume will not leave a residue in the bowl.

• NO Harsh Chemicals
• NO Parabens
• NO Phthalates
• NO Aerosol
• NO Formaldehyde
• NO Petroleum Distillates
• NO Ethanol
• NO Benzene
• ALL Stink-Fightin’ Good Stuff


How do I use Poofume?


Using Poofume is as easy as  1, 2, Spritz & Poo!”

STEP 1   :               Shake your bottle of Poofume
STEP 2   :               Lift the toilet lid
STEP 3   :               Give the toilet bowl about  4-6 sprays  onto the water's surface
STEP 4   :               Take a seat, lock and load!
STEP 5   :               Flush
STEP 6   :               Your secret is now safe with Poofume!!!!

Private Labeling

Private labelling is an opportunity to grow your own brand.
We have a department that can design your labels and prepare them for printing.


Join our Short Courses of Skills Development Training in Manicure, Pedicure, Acrylic, Gel & Gel Polish.

Our Salon Ready Skills Development Training will have you Salon Ready to enable you to work in any Salon.

We have many graduates who are working in and around Salons in Cape Town.

Contact: Verenia on 0761153308 or email HYPERLINK "" for more information.

The MANIPro® Original Electric Nail File Bundle Includes 1 each:

MANIPro® Original combines power and affordability in an economically sized 3" x 5" control box. The MANIPro® Original continues to be one of the strongest, fastest, and most durable electric files available to the nail industry and features a lightweight friction grip-chuck handpiece, a built-in handpiece cradle, a strain relief cord, an illuminated power indicator, forward/reverse modes, and variable speeds from 4,500 to 15,000 RPM. Included: MANIPro® Handpiece, Power Supply, Variable Speed Control Box, 1-Sanding Band Mandrel, 10-Sanding Band. One year Limited parts and labor Warranty Included with your Kupa E-file!

CB-KIT-SILVER: The K-Star Carbide bit kit is available in a stylish cylindrical container that displays each bit for easy organization.

Silver K-Star Carbide Bit Kit Contains (1 EACH):

1. CSBX-32-002-S Silver 3/32 Two Week Backfill Bit
2. CSBX-32-004-S Silver 3/32 Four Week Backfill Bit
3. CSBX-32-006-S Silver 3/32 Four Week Inverted Backfill Bit
4. CSBX-32-010-S Silver 3/32 Cone
5. CSBX-32-015-S Silver 3/32 Under Nail Cleaner
6. CSBX-32-018-S Silver 3/32 Tapered Barrel
7. CSBX-32-104-S Silver 3/32 Small Barrel - Medium
8. CSBX-32-204-S Silver 3/32 Large Barrel - Medium
9. CSBX-32-024-S Silver 3/32 VP Safety Bit
10. 3/32 Sanding Band mandrel with 10 Sanding Bands - Medium

SB-MED-100-U: Manufactured in the U.S.A. to Japanese standards. MANIPro® bands come in a handy 100 pc. dispenser pack and are barrel shaped with cloth inner sleeves that allow them to be used in wet environments. When used in combination with our New EASY-OFF Mandrel the bands hold firm while in use but are easily removed. Excellent for use in both manicure and pedicure service. NOTE: Sanding bands are designed for single use only and cannot be disinfected
MANIPro Passport Limited Edition TEAL (Portable Electric Nail File)

Acetone Resistant Finish Control Box!
KUPA’s MANIPro Passport. This powerful, all new exclusive, portable electric nail file has been designed for the Professional Nail Technicians who demand power and portability. The MANIPro Passport features a light weight battery powered *Acetone Resistant Finish* control box. This unit can provide anywhere from 8 to 10 hours of use per charge in either 110v or 220v. The MANIPro Passport comes complete with a stainless steel belt clip and a plastic handpiece holster which can snap on either side of the control box. The MANIPro Passport Control Box also comes in White, Red and Purple. Full one year parts and

Warranty with your limited edition Kupa E-file!


• KP-55 Handpiece
• PassportTM Portable Control Box
• PassportTM Charging System
• Stainless Steel Belt Clip
• Plastic Handpiece Holster
• Instruction Manual


• Ultra Smooth / Quiet / Vibration Free
• Acetone Resistant Finish Control Box
• Compact Light Weight
• Portable/Rechargeable
• 8-10 Hours of Battery Life
• Variable Speed Control
• Forward/ Reverse Button
• Illuminated Power Indicator
• High Torque / 30,000 RPM
• Quick Charge System - 2 Hours Full Charge
• Automatic switching 110/220 Volts
• Limited One Year Warranty with Limited Edition Teal Colour

Compatible Handpieces:

U-Power Model:

• UG-12 (UP200 Handpiece)
• UG-14 (UPower 2G & UP200-V Handpiece)

MANIPro Model:

• KP-36 (Supermax Handpiece)
• KP-50 (MANIPro Handpiece)
• KP-55 (MANIPro Handpiece)

MANIPro Passport Cradle:

• PP-1132 Desk top cradle for the MANIPro Passport® control box.