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LeChat SA strives to attain all that it stands for: Learn, Experience, Create, Help, Achieve and Teach.

Our passion for quality and education is paramount to our business.

With more than 20 years in the nail business, LeChat SA continues to supply cutting-edge products such as Acrylic, Sculpting Gels, Gelite Soak-Off Gel Polish, Gelite Mood changing gel polishes, Kupa E-Files, Kupa Drill bits and all tools and equipment required to enhance any nail techs business.

LeChat SA also prides itself on quality, exceptional customer service and assistance to clients when and wherever necessary. Education is Key!

Here at LeChat SA, we are experienced distributors, manufacturers and our educators are of the finest quality professional nail products.

Our goal at LeChat SA is to make your life simpler.

Our educators are always available for your support.

We will always do our very best to supply you with great products, affordable and competitive prices, and fast and friendly service.

If your expectations have not been met, please tell us. We will endeavour to satisfy you.